Summer Addiction launch – The Coco Collection

Summer Addiction Swimwear is fanatical about those summer vibes. As a local Gold Coast label, ‘Summer’ is more than just a season – it is a feeling and lifestyle. Best celebrated in stylish swimwear of course!
Business partners Jasmin Young and Chantal Umpembly launched Summer Addiction last year with ‘The White Label Collection’. The line includes unique and flattering bikinis that this power duo designed together. By focusing on a few styles, these ladies produced high quality pieces in solid, on trend colours. These included Midnight Black, Red Wine and Royal Blue – even the names scream LUXE to me. These girls are young, fun and actually care about WHAT women want.

‘Each piece is designed to accentuate female curves and compliment all body shapes.We want Summer Babes across the globe to feel beautiful and empowered while wearing our delectable designs.’

Summer Addiction’s social media has teased us with sneak previews of the new season styles for a while now and the time has finally come!
Meet ‘The Coco Collection’.


Sophisticated and sexy – I cannot wait to rock some Coco at the beach! In Spring. Because – Gold Coast.

The girls were kind enough to take the time to answer a few Alex Drew questions…

Q: What is your go to brunch on the Gold Coast?Here on the Gold Coast we are blessed with so many incredible foodie hotspots. Some of our favourites include Elk Expresso, Cardamom Pod and Bam Bam Bakehouse.

Q: Who is your favourite Instagram account and why?Definitely Beautiful Destinations. They provide endless inspiration of dreamy holiday destinations. What more could you want?

Q: If you could be on any reality TV show what would it be?If we had to pick a reality show, we would definitely pick Survivor. Chantal and I are both strong, determined women who definitely love a challenge. Another perk about Survivor would be living in our swimwear haha.
Now onto the bikini questions…

Summer Addiction Proof (1617 of 1743)-Edit

Q: Why swimwear?
Chantal and I are both born and bred Gold Coast girls with a love for everything summer. We always had a love for swimwear, but could never find the perfect bikini that was supportive, stylish and flattering in all the right places—so there began Summer/Addiction Swimwear.
We saw a strong demand for high-end, Brazilian cut swimwear and used our passion and love for summer and fashion to create a truly unique and stunning swimwear label. While most other labels are dictated by current trends, our brand offers a timeless, minimalistic and sophisticated approach to swimwear. We draw design cues from luxury European fashion, and find inspiration in all things summer—from sun-kissed skin to salty hair and everything in between.

Q: How long did it take to design your new season line and do you have any rituals that you undertake when sitting down to design/mind map new pieces?
There is usually a lot of chocolate involved haha. We started designing our new collection at the beginning of the year. It’s quite a lengthy process, and our designs and samples constantly evolve throughout the process. Chantal and I are both perfectionist, so we often tweak and improve our original designs until we are 100% happy to move into production.

Q: If you could choose one style and colour from the new season Summer Addiction line, which would it be?
Our pick for this collection would be our HIGH RYDER bottoms and MONICO CUT OUT crop in Moss. It’s a super flattering set, with unique design elements. (picture below)IMG_4611_Facetune_23.08.2017-16_16_10
Q: Where in the world would you most like to rock one of your bikinis?
The Amalfi Coast is definitely on the bucket list. There’s just something about their stunning cliff edges, pristine beaches, rolling roads and white-washed homes, We’d definitely love to shoot a future collection there.

Q: What are you most excited about this Summer?
We are super excited to see women across the globe feel beautiful and empowered while wearing our latest designs. Each piece has been designed to accentuate female curves and compliment all body shapes.

Q: How hard is it to run your own business on the side?
It’s been extremely challenging at times, but very rewarding. Chantal and I both work full time, have our own individual side projects going on and run a business. It’s definitely not easy, but it’s worth it. We have worked tirelessly to perfect our new collection (The Coco Collection) and hope women across the globe love our designs just as much as we do.

‘While most labels are dictated by current trends, Summer/Addiction offers a timeless, minimalistic and sophisticated approach to swimwear.’

Summer Addiction Proof (1459 of 1743)-Edit-2

Congratulations to these inspiring ladies! This swimwear is limited and luxurious – check out the entire collection here.

With love and light,
Alex Drew. x


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