Dunkle Authentic – Resort 18 launch

Dunkle Authentic is a small batch, hand crafted makeup label, created by the talented and naturally gorgeous (inside and out) Molly Dunkle.

I met Molly a few years ago when working on a photo shoot in Brisbane and Molly was doing the makeup. I remember Molly using her handmade beauty oil as a primer and the smell was so alluring, “what is that?” A beautiful lipstick followed and the colour was unlike any I had seen before. It was then, humble Molly told me about her makeup line and how she makes it all in her kitchen and a bit of the back story. Since then Molly and I have become wonderful friends and I support her brand wholeheartedly.

As described on her website , Dunkle’s plant based, luxe range is for the ‘strong and curious gal, with a penchant for quality raw materials, transparent manufacturing & minimalist design’.

Since Dunkle Authentic’s launch in 2013, Molly has continued to perfect her craft; added a range of mineral foundations and has just launched part 1 of her skincare line!facialoilwithrose_1728xAlongside the launch of the scrumptious jojoba and rose absolute facial oil was Molly’s latest lipstick collection; resort 18.

The hues in this line are described by Molly as ‘relaxed, strong, & inspired.’

I could go on, however I am going to let the expert give some insight into the luxe Dunkle Authentic label. It is my absolute pleasure to introduce, Molly Dunkle.

Hello beautiful lady, how are you feeling about the skincare range you have just launched and what products does the line involve?
Hi lovely gal! thank you for your kind words!
I have just launched resort 18 lipstick collection and Part 1 of the skincare line, jojoba & rose absolute facial oil! It has been years in the making and as an oil addict myself, I am very excited to share this product. Two more skincare products are in the works also…

What is your favourite product and why? 
When I am designing and manufacturing my product line, I am often creating something that I can’t find elsewhere… it is hard to pick a favourite! I am all about the texture… dewy skin, buttery matte lips… right now I can’t get enough of scrumptious dewy skin.

Making lipsticks and foundation sounds really fun, however a lot of people don’t realise how much science goes into the batches…how did you educate yourself on the process of creating your own make up?
Yay science! It’s a side of the brand I am keen to show more of! My love for chemistry comes from my dad, he is an environmental chemist and continues to help me with new ingredients and products. I have also been a member of the Australian Society of Cosmetics Chemists and continue to do my own research and development with manufacturing.

Each ingredient has a story (candelilla wax from Texas where her mother was born), while each colour is has a story attached to it inspired by your love for travel. What is your favourite lipstick colour at the moment and what is the meaning behind its name?
Gaga’s Island has just been launched with the resort 18 season and it is one of my all time favourites. It is inspired by fresh mangos for brekky & a cheeky skinny dip with my grandma, Gaga, when she lived on the Caribbean island of Montserrat. Gagasislandlipstick_1024x1024@2x
Your dad is an environmental chemist (Mr John Dunkle) and helped you created a mobile lab. As you are from America, Colorado, do you ever get homesick and do you feel that your business helps you stay connected to your roots?
Yes definitely, it is really hard living away from family and friends in the US. I have consciously created my business to stay connected; my dad and I consult often about manufacturing and I am looking to start wholesaling to the USA soon. I enjoy the flexibility that allows me to travel often between both countries and love naming lipsticks after places in the US (including Aspen in the resort 18 collection).

You have mentioned that your brand happily welcomes growth and change, where do you see Dunkle Authentic in five-ten years from now?
There has been a lot of change in the brand’s 4 year history thus far and I am excited to see what the next 5 to 10 years brings. I envision a studio space, full product line, & international growth, bring it on!mollylipsticks_1728xYou have always been very receptive and open to people’s feedback and genuinely care about your customers. I feel you are an inspiring woman and could be an ambassador for young women who are growing up in an age where ‘appearance’ is at the forefront (Instagram like). If you could give young women advice on ‘authentic beauty’, what would you say?
Thank you, that is very kind! I like to keep makeup light-hearted and would encourage young women to experiment with their own style. Much like a scarf or the perfect pair of shoes, lipstick can spark an outfit. I love fresh skin, lots of mascara and buttery matte lips… authentic beauty is really showcasing personal style.


A huge thanks to Molly for taking the time to answer some questions about her business. Check out her online store here.

My favourite lip colour to this day is Gaga’s Island and below is a cheeky little drawing I did years ago to represent when Molly went ‘skinny dipping with grandma, Gaga, when she lived on the Caribbean island of Montserrat.’

gagas island copy

Go girl!

With love and light, 
Alex Drew. x


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