Love Milli – a NEW Unique Women’s Fashion Boutique

Love Milli launched less than a month ago and has been created and curated by fashionista Melinda (Min) Sullivan; with the help of her graphic designer boyfriend, Matt Mckinnon.

Min has worked in fashion for over ten years and has always dreamed of having her own store! It comes to a point in life when you just need to reel in your dreams from the sky, closer to planet Earth, making it more real with each pull. I am so proud of this kind hearted and stylish woman. Check out her site which will only continue to grow with unique, fashionable and super affordable pieces. It was great to find out a bit more about the online label.

Hi Min, thanks for chatting with me today!
So where did the name ‘Love Milli’ come from?

A friend actually suggested it years ago when brainstorming store names and I instantly loved it and I saved it in the back of my mind. Always thought if I ever had a store that’s what I would love to use.

What/who inspired you to start your own business?
My Darling Boyfriend.

Although I always thought I wanted to have my own store, I always chickened out because of all the overheads, leases, rent, store fit out, staff etc. So there were years of dreaming, yet nothing was ever put into action.

My partner is a digital/graphic designer and he encouraged me to chase my passion as he could see how hard I worked for other companies. He said he would help me to create a website and logo. We brainstormed together and identified what each other could bring to the table.

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 6.10.39 pm
Did it take a while for you to choose your colour theme/logo?
Not at all! As soon we we started the design I instantly loved what we came up with, was surprisingly a very quick process.

Do you have a background in fashion?
Yes, I graduated from high school 10 years ago and have since worked in multiple fashion boutiques. I gained a lot of great experience from managing Princess Polly for 3 years and seeing in detail all the logistics of running a business. Since then, I have worked for Sportsgirl, another amazing company.

How do you see your brand progressing in;
1 year: Would love to be making consistent sales, aiming for a sale a day – getting the business really up and running.
5 years: to be able to quit my job and solely focus on Love Milli and not have to rely on another company for my income anymore!

Would you like to ever design your own clothes or does your passion lie in wholesaling and finding unique items to bring to the Love Milli tribe?
Would absolutely love to bring out my own label! My next trip to Bali I would love to go meet with some manufacturers and create some cute unique pieces exclusive to Love Milli.

At the moment, what is your favourite Love Milli piece and why?
The “misbehave with me” set, definitely my favourite piece but I could not tell you which colour as I absolutely love it in both black and from Toowoomba, when did you move to the Gold Coast and do you see yourself settling here?
I transferred to the Gold Coast over 4 years ago for work, I transferred from the Toowoomba Princess Polly store to the Surfers Paradise store.

I absolutely love it here; we are so lucky to live in such an amazing location. Even 4 years later I still look around in such awe and appreciation, would only trade it for island life.

Dream travel destination?
I love islands, anywhere that I can laze on a beautiful beach with a cool drink. I have been to the Philippines and Bali but dream location would be the Maldives. Maldives_3-1.jpg

You are going to a pool party that starts at 12pm and goes into the night time – what do you wear?
Obviously bikinis to have a swim and a cute little wrap/tie up dress. Perhaps I would start the day in some slides and bring some wedges for the evening where I would also maybe throw on a pair of statement earrings and a light jacket.

Head over to Love Milli’s online store and follow their Facebook and Instagram for new arrivals, sales and news!

With light and love, 
Alex Drew. x



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