Peanut Butter Smoothie Bowl (GF, Vegan option)

Serves 1

1 frozen banana
2 tbsp natural peanut butter (Kraft Natural PB is my favourite!)
1 handful baby spinach
1 tbsp raw cacao powder (Nature’s Own = fave)
1 tbsp vanilla protein powder (I used Amazonia Raw Prebiotic Grassfed WPI Vanilla, this protein does contain dairy; so if you are Vegan or dairy intolerant, use a Vegan protein)
1 tsp slippery elm powder (optional! As I am coealiac, I love adding in herbs that assist in mitigating the inflammation of the digestive system)
1/4 C water or milk of choice
3-6 ice cubes

As always, up to you, however this time I topped with a sneaky side of extra PB, banana, chia seeds and Kez’s Kitchen Free Gluten Free Cinnamon & Superseeds Cereal. Yum!

The colour of the smoothie is similar to a murkey swamp – there is no denying that! However once you have a taste, you will be grateful for the addition of sneaky greens (spinach) and cacao!

With light and love, 
Alex Drew. x


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